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AR Chemistry Lab At Your Fingertips

AR Chemistry application is developed to learn about chemical reactions between different elements on a phone or a tablet using the Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Different chemical experiments can be conducted using this application which replicates real life visuals and sounds of these reaction and also shows the chemical formula of the reaction happening. This is a good way to learn about these reactions remotely without being physically present in a chemistry lab. 

The AR technology helps the user to visualize theoretical aspects in the comfort of your home or office. It also helps reiterate theoretical facts learned in textbooks and lets the user have practical experience-based learning.  AR is attained using the camera of the device on which the application is installed. The user can  virtually place the beaker for the reaction on a table in their room or any flat surface and then select the reactants from a library of available reactants in different states. We have also provided an option to activate a virtual background instead of the real life environment.

You could mix different chemicals including acids, bases, water, salt solutions etc. with metals, carbides, hydrides etc. and also experiment with burning salts. The users could also have some fun learning about the reaction of some common items used in daily life like almond, chocolate, egg, paper etc with piranha solution and fluroantimonic acid. 


The AR chemistry and the periodic table applications were developed to support chemistry students of school and college levels, to learn interactively about elements and their reactions with other elements by visualizing them in AR and 3D on smartphones or tablets.

  • Periodic table application with 3D interactive exploration that visualizes elements' atomic structures, orbitals, and emission spectra

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